50% Off Your First Order

How Do I Get 50% Off?

In order to get the 50% off your first order, you must become a Tobi member and verify your account in one of three ways:

  • By registering on our site with a valid email address and confirming your address through your email account,


  • By connecting your Facebook account to your new Tobi account,


  • By signing up for a new Tobi account through our Tobi iOS mobile app.

Once your email address, Facebook account or mobile device has been verified, Tobi will then generate a 50% off promo code to your account. An email containing the 50% coupon code will be also be sent to the primary email address linked to the Tobi account. Note: there is a limit of only one 50% off promo code to Tobi account/unique person. If we find that there are multiple accounts owned by the same person, we reserve the right to cancel discounts, cancel orders, make additional charges to your credit card, and/or cancel your membership.

Registering a Valid Email Address

If you sign up for a Tobi account through our website’s registration form, we will verify that the email address is valid by sending a confirmation email to the address provided. You will need to log-in to your email account, and click “Confirm Your Email” in the email body. Once that is complete, Tobi will issue you a 50% off promo code. If you did not receive the email confirmation you can request for it to be resent through your Tobi Account.

Connecting with Facebook

If you came upon Tobi’s site via a Facebook advertisement, you can also get the 50% promo code by connecting your Facebook account to your new Tobi account. Once you connect your Facebook account, Tobi will issue you a 50% off promo code.

Joining Through Our Mobile App

If you sign up for a Tobi account through our Tobi iOS mobile app, we will verify your account via your unique mobile device ID. Once you create an account within the mobile app, Tobi will issue you a 50% off promo code.

Redeeming Your 50% Off

Once you have verified your account, and the 50% off promo code has been issued, your Shopping Bag will be automatically have the promotion code applied. However, if you wish to save your 50% off code for future use, you have the option to remove the code at checkout and apply it later. It does not expire until it's been used.

The 50% off promo code is email specific and will only be valid for the account in which it's been verified under. Applying your code to the wrong email account will result in an error that reads "Code not valid" and you will not be able to use the 50% off code.

If you are having trouble locating your coupon code, try checking your inbox or spam box and look out for an email from Tobi with the subject, “50% off your first order at Tobi”. If you are still having trouble and feel that your account is eligible for the code but it is not applying, please contact our Care Team via help@tobi.com before placing your order. We cannot guarantee that the code can be applied to an existing order before it’s processed.


Each coupon code is only good for the account it has been activated for and can only be used on one order. There is a limit of one coupon code per person. It cannot be applied to past orders or combined with other promotions.

The 50% off code is applied to the full price of an item. If the item is on sale, it will deduct the amount up to 50% off the original retail price - not an additional. Selected brands (See full brand exclusions here: http://www.tobi.com/help/promotion_code_restrictions) and Final Sale items are not applicable for this discount. You will receive an error that reads "Excluded" if you try to apply the code to a restricted item.

We reserve the right to cancel discounts, make additional charges to your credit card, and cancel your membership if we find that fraudulent accounts are being used to generate 50% discounts more than once for the same person.