The perfect jacket can save your life (and your outfit!). Shop the latest styles in women's outerwear from the classic denim jacket in cropped or longline, the transitional hooded utility jacket, and edgy military jacket in army green, to the retro fitted denim vest or one of our favorite faded jean jackets with perfectly sized cargo pockets! Throw on a classic or make a statement with some of the newest trends!

Cool Autumn Nights Jacket in Black Multi
$104 $41
Catch Me In The Snow Fur Vest in Taupe
$96 $38
Chasing Rumors Coat in Olive
$128 $64
Play For Keeps Plaid Coat in Black & Red
$82 $32
Check Point Coat in White & Black
$96 $28
Chasing Rumors Coat in Black
$128 $64
The Lucky One Coat in Black & Grey
$98 $29
She's So Plaid Coat in Pink & White
$92 $36
The Wild Side Jacket in Navy Multi
$116 $33
The Wild Side Jacket in Taupe Multi
$116 $33
Wake Me Up In Winter Fur Vest in Black
$78 $39
Keep Me Warm Cardigan Coat in Black
$64 $25
Travel With Me Coat in Black
$84 $42
Girly Charlotte Jacket in Peach
$58 $17
Girly Charlotte Jacket in Mint
$58 $17
Girly Charlotte Jacket in Berry
$58 $17
Voila Valerie Vest in Black
$38 $11
Gypsy Soul Vest in Cream
$44 $13
Walk At Night Jacket in Blush
$98 $28
Walk At Night Jacket in Black
$98 $28