Nothing beats a perfectly fitted pair of pants. Coupled with the right top, the latest women's pants of the season can completely transform your wardrobe! Shop trendy slacks for women, classic striped trousers, patterned floral pants, ultra-chic high waisted wide leg pants in white or black, or soft harem pants, formerly known as the infamous mc hammer pants! Find all the hottest styles for any occasion!

Couch Sweatpants in Grey
$60 $24
Midnight Stroll Pants in Black
$46 $23
Felicita Flocked Pants in Black
$74 $22
Snap to It Leggings in Purple Tie Dye
$48 $21
Grand Plaza Pants in Olive Multi
$60 $21
Show Your Wild Side Pants in Grey Multi
$52 $20
In Living Lounge Pants in Black
$38 $19 w/ code: SPARK50
In Living Lounge Pants in Taupe
$38 $19 w/ code: SPARK50
Venom Pants in Grey
$66 $20
Life Of The Party Pants in Grey
$40 $20
Aztec Flare Bottom Pants in Grey Multi
$48 $20
Kylie Flocked Pants in Black
$74 $18
Floral A-Flare Pants in Black Floral
$44 $18
The Grand Pants in Taupe
$44 $18
Ellington Palazzi Pants in Berry
$58 $18
Festival Pants in Black Floral
$62 $18
Shine On Leggings in Pink
$44 $18
Midnight Memories Drawstring Pants in Rust
$62 $18
Geo My World Pants in Black & White
$44 $17
What We Want Pants in Burgundy
$56 $16
What We Want Pants in Green
$56 $16
That's 70's Bellbottom Pants in Black
$44 $15
Happy Go Lucky Leggings in Black & White
$34 $15
That's 70's Bellbottom Pants in Olive
$44 $15
Make Me Dance Wide Leg Pants  in Black
$50 $15
Make Me Dance Wide Leg Pants  in Navy
$50 $15
Make Me Dance Wide Leg Pants  in Taupe
$50 $15
Passion for Life Gaucho Pants in Olive
$48 $14
Live In Lounge Paisley Pants in Pink
$54 $14
Passion for Life Gaucho Pants in Navy
$48 $14
Passion for Life Gaucho Pants in Black
$48 $14
Simple Life Athletic Pants in Grey
$46 $12